Monday, April 2, 2012

Into the Darkness by V. C. Andrews

Cover imageThis is a difficult book to talk about, since it is pretty obvious from the start what is really going on. Still, it was done well enough that I wanted to see how it all plays out. Into the Darkness is the story of Amber Taylor, a shy, independent, and beautiful girl that is a bit of an outsider in her small town. The other high school kids just can't quite figure her out, and Amber has no desire to get close to any of them. She is quite content to work in her parent's jewelry store and hang out at home alone reading. That is, until, a new family moves in next door and Brayden Matthews shows up at her door. He is deep and mysterious and obviously a recluse like herself. His reasons are quite different from Amber's as he has some major family issues that keep him from getting close to people. Amber is convinced that she can help him while allowing herself to feel "normal" for once in her life. But, of course, things aren't always as they seem... (especially in a V. C. Andrews novel!)


Possible read-alikes: any other book by V. C. Andrews

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