Monday, August 6, 2012

The Playdate: a Novel by Louise Millar

Cover imageEvery mother's worst nightmare! This perfectly describes this debut novel by author Louise Millar. Single mother Callie lives in London with her daughter Rae, who suffers from a heart condition. Callie has very little money, is distraught over her breakup with Tom, and is constantly worried about Rae. The one good thing in her life is her best friend and neighbor, Suzy. Suzy just seems to have it all together; a great marriage, beautiful, healthy children. Callie feels lucky to have Suzy in her life, as she has never quite bonded with the other mothers at Rae's school. Even Rae seems a bit of an outcast, rarely being invited to the other children's homes for play dates. Callie decides she needs to get on with her life and takes a job that will require her daughter to attend the after-school program, but perhaps this is not a bad thing. After all, this may help Rae make friends. And one of the teachers is Callie & Suzy's new neighbor, Debs. OK, Debs seems a little odd and secretive, but still...what could be more perfect?

The Playdate asks the age-old questions, how well do you really know your friends and neighbors? Who can you really trust your children with?

After reading this novel, I guarantee you will be a lot more careful!


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