Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Small Death in the Great Glen by A. D. Scott

The story opens with the murderer taking his victim’s body and dumping it in a canal. The setting is a small town in Scotland in the 1950’s. The war is over, but the town is still wary of foreigners and staunchly conservative in its views.

The mystery itself is well-written and the ultimate solution comes with a neat twist – a satisfying start to a new series. But A Small Death in the Great Glen also affords a bird’s eye view of a time, a place, and a society I found fascinating to explore. A new world is pushing at the door: many men didn't return from the war, many women need and some want to work outside the home, old ways are changing. The solving of the crime is as caught up in the old vs. the new as are the attitudes that fuel each side.

I liked the style of the telling and the depiction of the characters – they seemed as real and flawed as some I know. This is a series worth following.


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