Sunday, December 1, 2013

The Reason for My Hope : Salvation by Billy Graham

Many thought that Billy Graham's previous book, Nearing Home, would be his last.  Not so.  Apparently having received an infusion of the Holy Spirit, he has written The Reason for My Hope : Salvation.  The book was published in October in conjunction with a television broadcast that aired the week of November 7 - just in time for his 95th birthday!  Most of us would be happy to remember our own names and be able to just function at that age, but here is Graham delivering the same message he has been preaching for 70 years.  The book doesn't have a co-author, and presumably it wasn't ghostwritten, so everything is pure Graham.  He has done some research, as evidenced by the 20 pages of notes at the end, the book focuses on the nature of sin and redemption (i.e. The Cross).  The most intense chapter is called "No Hope of Happy Hour in Hell," and I was absolutely awed as I read it.  Anyone who has never read one of Graham's many books or seen him preach would do well to pick up this book.  It may NOT be his last.


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