Monday, November 24, 2014

Mister Wonderful by Daniel Clowes

This is my very first adult graphic novel, and I must admit that much of it I enjoyed. I do not think I would regularly read graphic novels just because they really are not my thing, but I can certainly understand the appeal.

Mister Wonderful is a story about a very lonely man named Marshall, who has been set up on a blind date by one of his friends. When the date, Natalie, finally shows up after being over an hour late, Marshall has already had enough dialogue with himself to fill many, many pages. After that, with Natalie in the picture, an already awkward situation has poor Marshall in quite a state. And damaged Natalie has her own issues as well.

The way the author/illustrator tells this story is by putting squares of character thoughts directly over dialogue, creating an inner monologue that overshadows what is actually being said. Interesting but at the same time a bit confusing to someone who has not read graphic novels in the past, or even a comic book for ages!

That being said, the layout was quite nice and fairly easy to follow. The story line was plausible, and the characters believable. Overall, a pretty good first impression of this format.


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