Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Make It Mighty Ugly by Kim Piper Werker

If you like to create or consider yourself a creative type, chances are you’ve hit a creative block before. Kim Piper Werker wants to help you kick start your creativity in Make It Mighty Ugly. She defines different creative demons and has ideas on how to battle each of them. Exercises throughout the book help you identify those creative demons and work through them.

I picked up this book on a whim. I thought it looked interesting, and I ended up really enjoying it. The ideas seem really helpful, and Kim is a very entertaining writer. She’s funny, and keeps the discussion lighthearted. The illustrations are silly, and I think that just lends to the fun, creative aspect of the book. I liked the book so much that I’m going to get my own copy to refer back to whenever I’m fighting those creative demons.

If you liked this book, you might also like Creative Block by Danielle Krysa.


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