Monday, September 21, 2015

The Melody Lingers On: a Novel by Mary Higgins Clark

I have been reading Mary Higgins Clark for a long, long, long time. And for the most part, I have enjoyed her novels. When you pick up one of hers, you pretty much know what you're getting, right? Well, sadly, not this time. My gut tells me that this was one of her earlier novels that perhaps did not get published, or one that was left in a drawer. The Melody Lingers On obviously is not one of her best.

Wealthy financier Parker Bennett has been missing for two years. So has five billion dollars of his client's money. His wife and son are convinced of his innocence. Everyone else, including the FBI and some of his former investors, strongly disagree.

Lane is an assistant to one of New York's hottest interior designers. When they are asked to redo the new townhouse of Parker Bennett's wife and son, Lauren is curious. After all, everyone has heard of the scandal. But when Lauren meets Eric Bennett, her world is turned upside down. A widow for four years, Lane has not had feelings for a man in a very long time. Eric seems to be everything she could possibly want. However, many believe Eric is somehow involved with his father's disappearance. If this is true, what is Lane getting into?

True Mary Higgins Clark fans will figure this out quickly, but out of respect for the "Queen of Suspense" I will say no more.


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