Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Love You More by Lisa Gardner

Love You More is the perfect summer read suspense. Boston police detective D. D. Warren gets a call regarding a death investigation. Turns out the dead guy is the husband of a Massachusetts state trooper. Now she is claiming self defense, and certainly looks the part. Clear cut, right? Well, no way. First of all, Trooper Leoni's daughter is missing. Second, the scene just doesn't sit right with Detective Warren. Finally, as D. D. does some digging, it seems that this is not the first time Trooper Leoni has killed someone. And not in the line of duty. Trust me, the plot just keeps getting more and more twisted.

Try to keep up.


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  1. This is a book that is a real page-turner, with an interesting storyline. The two female protagonists are fascinating, especially Leoni. She is one tough cookie, and more than a match for the veteran detective. Their scenes together are very dramatic, and would be great roles for two actresses.