Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Dressmaker of Khair Khana: Five Sisters, One Remarkable Family, and the Woman that Risked Everything to Keep Them Safe by Gayle Tzemach Lemmon

Cover imageThe Dressmaker of Khair Khana is a fascinating story of one woman's determination to stay alive and take care of her family during Afghanistan's Taliban rule. This was truly a dreadful time for Afghans; particularly for women. Women had almost no rights at all. They could not work, go to school, or be seen in public without a family male escort. With so many men having been killed during the war, what were widows and mothers to do? Kamela Sadiqi is one of these women. Only 19 years old, well educated but unable to use her teaching certificate, takes the very risky step of creating her own business by working at home.

This is her story.


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  1. This is a great book about what young people can accomplish against great odds. It is inspiring and touching, but much of the urgency is missing, the sense of jeopardy is muted and the time sequencing can be confusing. I guess I would blame that on the author mediating too much of the narrative. Because we are getting a retelling, not real quotes, something is lost in the translation. The author did have to work through a translator - that is obvious.