Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Postmistress by Sarah Blake

The Postmistress involves three women's experiences on the brink of world war. Iris James, postmistress of Franklin, Massachusetts silently observes what happens in town. She holds it all in tightly, never disclosing what she observes. Emma Trask has married Will Fitch, a young doctor in Franklin. Alone in the world, Emma hopes to find a home with Will. As daily life moves on, both women find themselves turning to the voice of Frankie Bard, American radio gal in Europe with Edward R Murrow and others, reporting from England as German bombs fall. Frankie, like the United States, is trying to remain separate from the approaching madness. The very separate lives of these three women begin to draw closer and gradually intertwine. One finds herself committing an act she never thought possible. Another is eyewitness to horrors she could have never imagined. The third waits for love to return. These three are drawn into the ever growing madness of war and all pay a price. Each must draw on personal strength and strength she has unknowingly gained from the others.

Large truths are often told through small stories and ThePostmistress does this with incredible grace and lyricism.       


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