Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Box by Richard Matheson

Richard Matheson The BoxThe Box is a collection of very dark short stories written by the great Richard Matheson. The title story is actually Button, Button and is definitely the creepiest story of all. This story was actually turned into a movie in 2010 with the above title. It is the story of a couple that receive a rather plain box in the mail; just 4 sides and a top. But on the top is a button. After receiving it, they are visited by a man that explains the reason for the box. For $50,000, all they need to do is push the button. And what happens when they push the button? Well, someone will die.
This is just one of the several disturbing tales in this collection. There is one about a generation of families that have been living near a nuclear test site. There is one about a man obsessed with what he wears. Another about a couple that go into a diner in the middle of the desert.
Richard Matheson used to write for The Twilight Zone, so you can just imagine how these stories go. This is an audio book, and the narrator has just the kind of voice that adds to the fear factor.

Enjoy (if you dare)!


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