Friday, June 1, 2012

Skinnydipping by Bethenny Frankel

Cover imageOnce again, don't judge! Still in my celebrity gossipy mood, I was glad to get my hands on this. I will admit this time to being a HUGE fan of the Real Housewives... series (all of them, in fact) and since Bethenny Frankel was an original New York housewife, well, of course I was excited. Sadly, I ended up being disappointed. First of all, instead of just trying to be be what it really is (chick lit), Skinnydipping takes itself just a little too seriously. Second, too much celebrity name dropping (or guessing who she really means). Finally, too fast paced! I have a feeling this is autobiographical, so why didn't she just write her memoir and leave it at that? Either way it would have sold.


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